The Second Brazil School for Single Particle Cryo Electron Microscopy - 2006

24 August - 5 September 2006

The 2nd Brazil School has taken place in 2006

The Brazil Second Single Particle cryo-EM School will be an intensive 12 days hands-on course for learning the processing of single-particle cryo EM data from A to Z. The attendees can be those who are entirely new to the approach, or those for who the technique is of growing importance and who wish to acq uire an in-depth understanding of the technique . The course covers all issues data collection, through to the interpretation of the cryo-EM maps and the fitting of known X-ray structures.

The students are expected to bring along a modern notebook computer onto which all necessary software will be downloaded. Most processing will take place in the context of the IMAGIC software system but other software will be available. Various sample cryo-EM data sets will be distributed for processing during the course. Data sets will range from images of the entirely asymmetric ribosome to those of icosahedral virus capsids; artificial test data sets will also be included. Students may bring along their own data sets for processing/discussion.

The conference site is located close to the beautiful city of Araraquara which, although in the tropics, has a pleasant ~20°C centigrade average temperature in August, thanks to its location at 500 m above sea level. The temperature typically peaks at 26°C in the afternoon but can drop to 10°C at night. Hotel Fazenda Salto Grande (in Portuguese) has optimal facilities for a school of this size.

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