NOTE: The 5th Brazil School took place in August 2012.
A report can be found here, some pictures here.

5th Brazil School
for Single Particle Cryo Electron Microscopy

The single-particle school is an intensive hands-on course/workshop, in which theory and practice are tightly intertwined. The spectrum of topics covered suits attendees who are entirely new to the field as well as those who whish to acquire an in-depth understanding of the methodology. Topics range from data collection over reconstruction techniques to the interpretation of fitted X-ray structures into cryo-EM maps. The final days of the conference will be devoted to more advanced topics such as dealing with heterogeneous data sets ("4D" cryo electron microscopy) and resolution refinement.
The attendees are expected to bring along a contemporary notebook computer onto which all necessary software will be installed. Most processing will take place in the context of the IMAGIC software system but other software like Frealign will be available. Cryo-EM data sets will be distributed for processing during the course. Students may bring along their own data sets for processing/discussion.

The school will this time take place in Socorro, Sao Paulo.

An impression of the 2010 Brazil School can be found here.